Plastering green
You will see a whole range of plastering styles
& techniques of great finishing  quality. A new
line of non toxic materials can be used to
enhance the value and appearance of any
home or commercial building.
All aspects of plastering interior & exterior
Some of our stucco projects with a
European style finish that looks
beautiful in the country
Welcome to the plastering green
site where we have been serving
the community for over thirty
years. Neil and his son have been
working together in their native
Ireland for some time where they
have created a great reputation.
Young Neil has worked All over
Ireland and Europe, and was
offered a job in New York and
works in various states as far away
as Cleveland Ohio as word spread
of his tidy work and charming
personality. He has picked up
skills and techniques from people
with different cultures and
backgrounds so he can expand his
services around the states.
We do a lot of residential as well as
commercial where no job is to big or
Free estimates
Licensed & insured
This is my home in Lyndhurst where I am transforming the face of the
house from red brick to beautiful stone blocks with portland cement.
Plus I built a porch. Details when required
McGonigle Plastering
Old school restoration plaster
Old school plaster
McGonigle Plastering
Neil  (440) 684-2747
Cell  (914) 645-5753